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The design of fulfilling “consumer  experiences” of a brand, product

or service is complex.

It’s also multisensory…
And multidimensional…
And multidisciplinary…
And ultimately very rewarding.

At Habits & Habitats, we also happen

to believe it’s the only path to strategic advantage.

And, we’re very, very good at it.

Nancy Wellott

Utilizing  a blend of tools and techniques, in combination with our storehouse of data on all things "people", we penetrate the hearts and minds of women consumers, so that product, brand, and service development efforts meet real needs and engender more resonant user experiences.

Our central purpose is to help companies define and deliver rich, brand experiences to their consumers. And, we base those experiences on scripts that emerge from research that we purpose build to surface women’s unmet marketplace needs and wishes.



Our unique ability to connect design thinking with business strategy via a process called “structured intuition” fosters breakthrough results for our clients and their users.

By unfolding both the direct as well as the tacit needs of key stakeholders, we help companies discover, structure, and cultivate opportunities for their brands and products that were previously unrecognized.

At the heart of our process is our unique ability to “listen differently”

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