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>> Leveraging the non-traditional to turn challenges into solutions​

Designing brand and product experiences from a limited perspective creates limited brands and products. In today’s “you snooze, you lose” market environment, utilizing a tried and true development process can only produce the ordinary – clearly not an ownable nor desirable path for future growth.


Our experience has proven time and again that Interesting work based on meeting real consumer needs comes from interesting relationships with interesting companies. We are driven by the aspiration to connect, create, challenge, and discover in partnership with our clients on a continual basis. Helping them explore alternate ways of understanding their customers, their world and their own businesses has led us to a variety of extremely rewarding collaborations.


> Airlines

> Apparel

> Automotive
> Computer Hardware
> Consumer Electronics
> Consumer Goods
> Consumer Services

> Digital Product
> Entertainment
> Financial Services
> Housewares
> Information Services
> Infant Products

> Insurance
> Leisure
> Manufacturing
> Non-Profit
> Pet Products
> Pharmaceutical
> Retail
> SaaS

> Telecommunications


Our multidisciplinary problem-solving process is custom-staffed to address the issues our clients need to rethink and retool.  All team members are hand-picked from our extensive partnership network.

And, they always consist of a cast of characters...

​Writers and designers, anthropologists and MBAs, researchers and context analysts – all seasoned with years of experience taken from a multitude of industries. All skilled at balancing objective analysis with subjective intuition while staying focused on helping clients scope their businesses intelligently, not accidentally.

Nancy Wellott >>   Founder & Innovation Strategist

Nancy Wellott is the founder of Habits & Habitats and also serves as an innovation strategist on many project teams. Prior to Habits & Habitats, Nancy was a Vice President at Fitch Inc. in Boston, where she led the Design Research and Strategy practice. There, she specialized in helping clients identify, analyze, and understand market forces and consumer experiences so they could be harnessed to direct product and brand strategy. Her clients included PetsMart, Reebok, Viacom, Iomega, GE, Streamline, Gerber, Ekco, Fleet Bank, Symantec, Compaq, and Digital.

Nancy holds a BA from Simmons College and an MBA from Babson College.

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