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>>  Challenging conventional boundaries & re-jigging the questions.​

Once our initial discovery phase is complete, we begin a rigorous process of extraction to mine out the big “aha’s”. We then feed this new understanding, this new bead on the way things could and should be, into the development of unique ways to make things better.


Whether it’s making a complex product simpler, a retail store more exciting, a brand more accessible and authentic, or devising a customer service strategy that really does deliver on good manners and polite conversation. By making consumer experience central to the design process, we develop brand solutions that are rooted in the context of users’ everyday lives.

>>  Awe-inspiring solutions are always grounded in “insider information”​​​​​

With this as our guiding mantra, our approach to client challenges doesn’t lend itself to a generic process. Rather, our tools & techniques are prescriptively combined to bring forth the richest, deepest learning set possible, thereby enabling us to develop strategies that offer perspective, and influence, across a variety of stakeholders.


Because the most awe-inspiring solutions are grounded in the best kinds of “insider information”, we have become expert in understanding, influencing, and interpreting female customer experiences, so that a brand’s offer can be expanded in new directions. The end result is the crafting of a go-to-market blueprint that is relevant, resonant, and distinctly ownable. They’re often quite remarkable, too.​

>> Our tool kit

Our discovery process takes time, hard work, and intuitive thinking; the artful blending of the right ingredients to distill the perfect solution. A typical project could include any combination of the following tools or methods:

> Brand and product experience design

> Digital product development
> UX/UI studies
> Consumer research
> Channel audits
> Behavioral segmentation
> User personas
> Ethnography and contextual studies
> Scenario and use case development
> Market space analysis
> Trends analysis


>>A meaningful whole​​

Ideally, an organization and its market offer should be examined from a “meaningful whole” platform.


Crafting a unique brand experience requires this level of deep learning in order to reveal the raw ingredients we need to work with: the recurring patterns, the undetected brand lapses, the subtle and not so subtle incongruities, as well as any unseen synergies.​

Boston, MA 02116

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